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We are able to improve your eye sight at our laser eye surgery center in Phoenix, allowing you to free yourself from glasses and contact lenses.

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We are here because we want to make a mark on people's life, and it's not every day that we have a surgical procedure done to our eyes. I consider us to be so fortunate to live in this day and age that we have all these technologies that we can offer. We have a lot of instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, and we have a lot of procedures at our disposal to be able to provide better vision to a lot of people. But it all has to be customized to every individual. We have lots of options. That leads to the gratification that we get from seeing patients come in the next day and just marveling at, "Oh my gosh. Is this what I've been missing for a lifetime?" It's really an emotional experience. I mean I never get tired of it. My staff has been with me for, most of them have been with me for years. They enjoy what they do. They would not be with me if they didn't enjoy what they do. And to see a smile on people's faces when they actually, you know, come in and recognize the same staff, they can get that individualized care, that's really important. We are committed as a family in our practice to individualize these treatments to everybody, so that one patient at a time we will make a difference in their lifestyle.