Arms Too Short; An Eye Problem?

Q. I have just had my 42nd birthday and I am finding it harder to read things close up unless I pull the paper further away from my eyes; is this serious?

A. Starting at birth, the natural focusing crystalline lens of our eyes start losing the ability to focus on near objects. At age one, a baby can generally focus on items within a couple of inches of their face. As years go by, the ability to focus so close continues to regress, until, by age 40 or so, we have no more arms length to stretch out our reading material for focusing. At that time, we need some help in the way of glasses to help with near focusing. Sometimes a simple pair of drug store readers will help the situation; for some individuals, however, a prescription pair of glasses is necessary.


Q. I am uncomfortable with wearing glasses or contacts, ever since I reached my early 40’s; are there other options to correct this presbyopia problem?

A. For those who wish to strengthen vision without glasses or contacts, there are Lasik procedures that can provide a permanent fix to the problem. In addition, some of the newest procedures, involving refractive lensectomies with multifocal implants can also be an excellent option to strengthen your vision to free yourself from glasses or contacts. A visit with your ophthalmologist will help determine what options would be best for you.