Custom Topography Guided LASIK

QI hear so much about Lasik but have hesitated. How does this special type of laser help me see better?

A. The Lasik procedure has progressed significantly since I started doing the procedure two decades ago. We now have the newest generation of Lasik and are proud to be the first and only in Arizona to provide this. With this advancement, not only can we strengthen your eyes by eliminating myopia or astigmatism, but we can bring about even better vision than before because of the capability of also smoothing the front surface of the cornea through this special procedure.


Q. I have astigmatism and short-sightedness; can the ‘Custom Topography Guided Lasik procedure help my vision?

A. Walman Eye Center is the first and only facility in Arizona that can provide this new generation of laser technology. Our technologically advanced laser systems can now handle a wide range of vision problems, including astigmatism, short-sightedness (myopia) and far-sightedness (hyperopia). Often, it can also make a difference to people over 40 who are frustrated by the need for glasses for close work. The custom laser procedure will also smooth the surface of the cornea to allow better vision in daylight or at night. Lasik can help most, though not all circumstances, and the best way to know if you are a candidate for laser vision correction is to call our office for a consultation.