Eyes Need Sunglasses

Q. What kind of sunglasses are best for my eyes?

A. We are fortunate, living in Arizona, to enjoy the beautiful weather that all our sunshine brings, but this abundance of the sun has the potential of damage to the eyes if not protected with proper sunglasses. In today’s world, all sunglasses, whether prescription, or non-prescription from the drug store, will have a UV protection coating. The colors of the lenses, or the darkness, are factors that are up to individual preference, but make no difference regarding the protective value. As long as the glasses have a UV coating, you will be protected.


Q. I am outside a lot; what damage can the sun do to my eyes?

A. As a result of our sun, we see a significant number of eye problems in individuals who are not persistent about wearing sunglasses. Solar damage over the years will cause a higher incidence of cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, dry eye, and skin cancers.


Q. The inside corners of my eyes are red and irritated; can that be treated?

A. The problem most often is a pterygium – an inflamed growth on the white of the eyes caused by too much sun and dryness. Lubrication and protection with sunglasses help prevent the pterygium from growing, but often, surgery, with no stitches, is appropriate to correct the problem, relieve the irritation, and prevent gradual vision loss.