I Hate Wearing Glasses

QI have had to wear glasses most of my life. Has the Lasik procedure advanced to where I can easily

see free from glasses?

A. Surgical procedures have advanced tremendously in the past two decades, to the point where we can now improve vision with Lasik or one of its variations in the vast majority of individuals who we see wanting to free themselves of glasses or contacts. If you are not a candidate for Lasik, there are other types of procedures that have a high success rate in improving vision without glasses. For the most part, individuals can return to near normal activities on the day following the procedure. A consultation in our office will allow us to determine what type of customized procedure you would be a candidate for to achieve your goal.


Q. I have cataracts; after surgery, will I have to wear thick glasses?

A. Modern cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that allows you to return to near normal activities by the next day. During cataract surgery , the cloudy crystalline focusing lens is removed and replaced with a clear focusing implant. There are several options for these implants such as toric implants to correct astigmatism, or multifocal implants to get your vision so sharp that you will not need glasses for distance or near vision. I enjoy seeing patients with these implants seeing better, without glasses than their own ophthalmologist!