Laser Treatment of Baggy Eyelids

Q. Over the past 10 to 20 years, my eyelids have become baggier. Can that be easily treated?

A. It is very common that gravity, over many decades, shows its effects in increased drooping and bagginess of eyelids, both upper and lower. These conditions can now be very effectively treated with “Laser Blepharoplasty” whereby the skin of the eyelids is tightened with laser precision. Traditionally this has been done in the past with a scalpel, but we now have available the laser technique which can accomplish eyelid tightening more precisely and significantly minimize the bruising and swelling seen with the older traditional methods. With the laser technology, we expect a return to normal activities by the following day.


Q. For eyelid tightening, should I consult a plastic surgeon or an eye surgeon?

A. We have great respect for our plastic surgeon colleagues for performing body procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks etc. However, when thinking about performing delicate work around the eyes, ophthalmologists such as us are rather territorial when it comes to eyelids. The function of the eyelids in protecting our eyes must be respected. Eyelids are our windshield wipers for our eyes. Removing the eyelid bags in a fashion that leads to a pleasing cosmetic result yet safely preserves eyelid function for the eyes is our greatest priority. Having an experienced eye surgeon, combined with the advantages of laser technologies, are important priorities in the successful rejuvenation of eyelids.