Laser Vision Correction


Dr. Walman and his laser eye doctor team will be able to answers all of the questions you have in addition to specifying what technique is best for your unique situation.

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LASIK procedures performed at our Phoenix and Sun City locations represent the latest technology in refractive surgery to correct refractive errors. LASIK utilizes the precision of the computerized Excimer Laser delivery system to customize change in corneal curvature to bring light into proper focus. By reshaping the cornea under a precision-made flap, the comfort level and return to normal activities generally happens very quickly.

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Our team offers emergency eye care services for those unexpected vision and eyesight issues that require immediate attention.

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We specialize in many forms of laser eye surgery and general eye care services to best assist you in bettering your eyesight.

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Here at Walman Eye Center, we offer personalized one-on-one eye care services to help better prepare you for your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. LASIK or PRK? What is the best type of refractive surgical procedure for you?

A. If you are a candidate, Lasik is usually the best option because of its precision and rapid healing. Sometimes, it is safer to utilize PRK – a procedure that still gives us great precision but does take a little longer to heal. Everyone’s eyes are different; a consultation (which itself is free) with Dr. Walman will result in answers for you as to what technique your unique situation will work best for you.


Q. Will I have pain with a Laser Treatment?

A. Anesthesia with the eyedrops works very effectively. Some people will feel some mild pressure on the eyelids during the procedure, but the eye itself, after the eyedrops, is expected to be comfortable. After a Lasik procedure, there is pain, similar to the sensation of getting sand in your eyes at the beach, for 5 hours. However, if you keep the eyes closed during this period of time, that pain is minimized. In addition, if you focus on the fact that this stage is consistently and reliably over within 5 hours, people get through this stage fine. Bottom line; we send you home to sleep, and by the next morning the eyes are feeling comfortable and are functioning.


Q. Will I see anything during the procedure?

A. It is impossible to see any details of the procedure; you will only see some colored lights.


Q. What happens if I move my eyes during the procedure?

A. Once the flap has been lifted, you will be directed to look at a red pinpoint of light. Some people wonder if they are going to mess things up if they happen to move and momentarily lose track of the light; not to worry, because the laser has a tracker that visually locks onto the eye so that even if you move slightly, the head of the laser will move with you. You may slow things up, but you won’t mess things up.


Q. How fast will I heal? How fast can I return to work?

A. For Lasik, you can return to normal activities and work by the next day. There will be some minor fluctuations in vision over the 3 month healing period, but you should be functional from Day 1.


Q. What is the cost of Laser Refractive Surgery?

A. When you come in for your free consultation, we will be able to determine if you are a candidate, and what type of procedure would be most appropriate for you. We can then discuss with you the cost for your procedure, and how to make it affordable for you.


Q. Is patient financing available?

A. Yes, we do have financing options to make the procedure affordable.



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