Topography Guided Lasik : FIRST and ONLY in Arizona with new generation custom technology that can give you HD Super Vision !

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Laser Cataract Surgery; Accurate, Bladeless, Customized

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INTACS® for Keratoconus; the one facility in Arizona that performs this surgical correction.

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Laser Eyelid Blepharoplasty;  The bladeless technique to reduce eyelid bagginess.

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Laser Cataract Surgery

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Laser Eye Surgery Phoenix

At Walman Eye Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your best vision. While striving to lower your dependence on corrective eyewear, we hope to transition you from a blurry, unfocused world into one that pops with vividness and clarity. With state-of-the-art technology, Drs. Gerald Walman, Anuradha Paturi, and Christopher Marmo approach each patient with genuine care and concern. Individualized treatment plans allow our team to provide the best, most appropriate service. Whether you’re in need of laser eye surgery correction or eye disease treatment, Walman Eye Center in Phoenix is the place to seek expert help. To schedule a one-on-one consultation with us, contact our office today.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Walman’s Canadian roots have made it possible for him to provide his patients with care that goes unmatched by most of his American competitors. Canadian laser technology is far more sophisticated, which has allowed Dr. Walman to become experienced with advanced laser eye surgery to a degree his American counterparts simply cannot.

Our Phoenix team has vowed to make their patients feel like family. Based on our strong objections to an assembly-line approach to eye care, we can ensure that the doctor will spend ample time with you. The presence of your doctor will be consistent throughout your entire treatment; you will not be passed off from person to person. The staff at our eye care center has been together for many years, and will work as a team to help you achieve the excellent ocular health you deserve.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere in our waiting room and office provides a space for patients to relax and feel well taken care of.

The Treatments We Provide

One of the biggest benefits to choosing Walman Eye Center for your ophthalmic needs is the wide variety of specialized treatments we offer. We can create entirely customized care for you designed to improve your vision, your quality of life, and your health.

The services we provide include:

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If you are interested in learning more about our vision center or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walman, Paturi, or Marmo to discuss your laser eye surgery options, please contact us in Phoenix today.